Thursday, 30 June 2016

fresh food tips by tumma arun

Why should we eat fresh, whole foods?  What difference does it make?  It makes all the difference.  There are so many differences in fresh foods and their overprocessed counterparts that there is no way that they can all be listed in one article.  But let’s look at a few.

First off is cost.  This may not be a concern for a few people, but, for the vast majority of us, it is certainly worth looking at.  One example is the lowly potato.  When dug out of the ground, it is pretty plain, but under that skin is a wealth of nutrition.  If home grown, the cost is minimal.  Even if purchased at the store, a potato is very inexpensive.  Now try comparing the cost of this one potato to the same weight in processed, mashed potatoes.  Does it cost more?  How about when made into frozen french fries?  Potato chips?  Not only that, but as the cost goes up, the nutritional value drops.  More processing, more salt, more fat.  Less potato.

I am concerned about the amount of sugar in the average person’s diet.  Some people have been taught in their school classes that everyone needs sugar to survive.  However, what they are not being told is that the natural sugars in everything from fruit to milk will suffice, and white sugar is really not necessary in a regular diet.  All it really does is cause problems. When sugar is consumed, it can cause the blood sugar go too high, and then it drops too low, in many people, and then there is a craving for more sugar, usually accompanied by irritability, drowsiness, and other problems.